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Eco-Engineered for Today’s Vehicles and Tomorrow’s Environment

We have been working in the lubrication field, developing and marketing our patented state-of-the-art lubrication to the industry for a very long time.

Our primary focus has been on the commercial markets where our Eco-Engineered line of products takes lubrication to the next level of performance.

With applications for manufacturing, mining, oil drilling and transportation, our advanced lubrication technology XPL+ offers bottom line savings including reducing wear, extending equipment life, increasing productivity, lowering energy and fuel consumption, preventing costly downtime and lowering maintenance.

This lubrication technology has been tested and certified by leading testing laboratories and proven in the real world by a wide range of companies for decades.

Now the same great technology is available to you in our Eco-Engineered products through Xtreme Green®!


I was getting 15 MPG before, now I get 20 MPG using Xtreme Green’s Fuel Max Plus+.
- SaraLee

Fuel Max Plus+ provided me with 68 to 80 additional miles by using it.
– Eugene

The Waterless Wash is truly amazing. It took off bugs that were caked on from a road trip from Texas to California. The Waterless Wash took less time to clean the car than going to a regular car wash.
– Amber

I love the Waterless Wash. I surprised my aunt this morning by using it on her car while she was sleeping. When she woke up her car was bright and shiny. She was so surprised; she bought a can on the spot.
- Jen


Xtreme Green® Eco-Engineered Automotive

Fuel Max Plus+

Super Concentrated Fuel Catalyst

One Shot Does it All!

This Revolutionary, Super Concentrated Fuel Catalyst helps break down large hard-to-burn fuel particles, capturing more energy from the fuel, resulting in maximum fuel economy with reduced emissions.

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Engine Life Treatment

Reduce Friction, Heat & Wear and Improve Performance

Turn Ordinary Motor Oil into Super Motor Oil

By adding Xtreme Green® Engine Life Treatment to your motor oil, it effectively turns an ordinary lubricant into a super-lubricant.

Activated by heat and pressure, Xtreme Green® Engine Life Treatment bonds to your engine’s metal to reduce heat and friction, giving engines an extra level of performance and protection.

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Super Duty Oil Stabilizer

If it Smokes, Burns or Leaks Oil

Extra Protection

The carefully engineered components of this proprietary formulation are scientifically designed to provide extra protection and enhance the performance of motor oils for vehicles with diesel engines and older gasoline engines which are burning or leaking oil, smoking, have worn seals or are running rough.

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Waterless Wash & Shine

Cleans, Shines and Protects

...Without Water...in about 15 minutes.

Xtreme Green® Waterless Wash and Shine is an environmentally friendly, citrus-based formula which saves, time, money, and the planet’s most precious resource, Water!

Perfect to use anywhere, anytime – Simply spray on and wipe off. It takes only 15 minutes to wash an average car, leaving it clean, shiny, and protected.

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The Best Liquid Tool in the Box!


101 Uses

Xtreme Green’s® XPL-101 Penetrating Spray Lubricant has 101 uses: Home, Automotive, DIY and Shop just to name a few.

It has been formulated with XPL+ lubrication technology which bonds to metal and a special “Stays Where it Sprays” formula, XPL-101 simply works better and lasts longer than ordinary spray lubricants.

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